Definitive Book: Encyclopedia of Chess Problems, The

Themes and Terms

by Milan Velimirovic and Kari Valtonen

Definitive Book: Encyclopedia of Chess Problems, The
Definitive Book: Encyclopedia of Chess Problems, The
Chess Informant (2012)
520 pages (hardback)
Reviewed by John Donaldson
Most chess players confine themselves to playing the game. Slightly more adventurous types partake in endgame studies, composed positions which could occur in an actual game. Where the real divide occurs in chess is between playing the game and problems.

Not to be confused with endgame studies, chess problems use the same board, pieces and rules as regular chess but there the similarities ends. While endgame studies offer utility for over the board players, chess problems exist in their own world.

The Definitive Book, Encyclopedia of Chess Problems: Themes and Terms is the guide for those who want to learn about chess problems or know more about them. This book covers all the themes and terms from the 100 Dollar Theme to the Zuk Theme with 1,726 selected problems and answers.

This Chess Informant book is not only first rate in content but also in production, a very nice bound hardback printed on good paper in an edition of 700 copies.

Highly Recommended for those with an interest in chess problems.