Four Part Fischer Opus

by John Donaldson and Eric Tangborn

Four Part Fischer Opus
Four Part Fischer Opus
Kindle: Part One - $9.99
Kindle: Part Two - $5.99
Kindle: Part Three - $9.99
Reviewed by Jeremy Silman
Few people know that, for quite a while now, IM John Donaldson has been putting together the most detailed and enjoyable book on Bobby Fischer thatís ever been written. At the moment itís being offered on Amazon in Kindle form, but eventually it will come out as one huge volume.

When it does appear in paper form, it will be (quite rightly so) expensive. So for those that have iPads and iPhones and other such devices, you have a chance to get the book in four extremely inexpensive parts.

PART ONE Ė A Legend on the Road: Bobby Fischerís 1964 Simultaneous Tour (a greatly enhanced 3rd edition). Author: John Donaldson.

This book offers an in depth look at Fischerís epic exhibition tour in 1964. It includes all known games from these simultaneous contests, stories about Fischerís time on the road, and incredible photos that bring Fischerís early years to life. He has put out material on this before, but this book doubles the information (601 kindle pages, perhaps 400 paper pages)!

PART TWO Ė Bobby Fischer in Action: Simultaneous Exhibitions and Blitz Games. Authors: John Donaldson and Eric Tangborn.

This takes care of his worldwide simuls and blitz events. (350 kindle pages, about 300 paper pages). By Donaldson and Tangborn.

PART THREE Ė Collected Annotations and Articles by Bobby Fischer. Authors: John Donaldson and Eric Tangborn.

Personally, the wait for Part Three excited me, and now that I have it I have to say that it didnít let me down. Did you know that Fischer annotated games from other legendary players? Did you know that he wrote various columns (Chess Life, Boys Life, American Chess Quarterly, Chess Informant, and more)? The notes are awesome and youíll want to go through each and every game.

Of course, like the other parts, Donaldson offers a huge amount of photos. In fact, there are so many photos, and so much fascinating material in Part Three that you can spend months having your mind blown by all the incredible things John discovered. (673 kindle pages, about 500 paper pages).

PART FOUR Ė Itís not out yet, but it will feature biographical information, various stories about Bobbyís life, lots of games, many unknown photos, and answers to questions that other books never brought up.

All in all, this incredible four book set (after we wait for part 4) gives the reader over 1,000 pages of games, history, Fischer annotations, biographical info, and photos, allowing you to completely immerse yourself into the full Fischer experience.